Maximize the health, endurance, and performance of your golfers with NuShoulder®.

The Problem:

A proper golf swing requires a consistent swing plane and shoulder alignment to generate the necessary clubhead speed to hit the ball far and accurately. Unfortunately, this motion generates enormous unbalanced forces across the shoulder joint leading to poor swings, rotator cuff and elbow tendonitis and tendon tears. Unfortunately, proper rotator cuff training is technically difficult and time consuming, leading to extremely low compliance rates and far less than optimal performance and injury prevention.

The Impact:

A strong rotator cuff stabilizes the shoulder joint promoting the safe transfer of power from the lower body and core to the arm for powerful and accurate shots. A weak rotator cuff results in an unbalanced shoulder with slower clubhead speeds and swing faults such as “coming over the top” or “casting the club” which result in poor shots. Golfers are prone to shoulder and elbow pain and injuries leading to time away from the course, poor performance and medical or surgical treatment.

The Solution:

The patented NuShoulder® System isolates the rotator cuff muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint while ensuring proper form during each of the five movements. All exercises are performed from a seated platform for quick, easy, targeted rotator cuff training to prevent injuries, maximize performance and recover faster from surgery.

NuShoulder® Golf