The Problem:

There are 4.5 million annual doctor visits for rotator cuff injury in the United States alone, the vast majority of which will be treated with physical therapy for rotator cuff strengthening. Unfortunately, proper rotator cuff training is technically demanding for the patient and time consuming for the staff. This reality presents a financial and ethical challenge for the physical therapy facility that strives to provide the best care with minimal staff to remain competitive and profitable.

The Impact:

Traditional rotator cuff training in the PT setting requires close monitoring by valuable staff resources to ensure patients perform the movements with proper technique. Failure to do so results in poor patient compliance and far less than optimal outcomes in the rehabilitation process. In addition, performing tedious exercises using bands and weights leads to poor client satisfaction and retention.

The Solution:

The patented NuShoulder® System isolates the rotator cuff muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint while ensuring proper form during each of the five movements. All exercises are performed from a seated platform for quick, easy, targeted rotator cuff training that you can actually feel, without the need for close supervision thereby freeing up valuable staff resources. NuShoulder offers digital feedback on muscular deficiencies and imbalances, tracks progress and gains, and provides summaries in easy-to-read formats for patient reporting and billing.

NuShoulder® PT Facilities