Dr. Tom House
Dr. Tom HouseFounder of the National Pitching Association & 3DQB
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“The machine is user-friendly and can be prehabilitative or rehabilitative. NuShoulder® is the only shoulder machine I would recommend to athletes of any age at any level of competition.”
“In my personal experience with the NuShoulder®, I found that not only was is easy for me to use, but for all patients across the board to use as well. It didn’t take long for patients who used the NuShoulder® to be independent with it, and to start seeing the incomparable benefits of its use.”
“Using the NuShoulder® Machine allows my patients to recognize and rehabilitate specific weaknesses within the shoulder. Set-up accommodates for variability in patient proportions and strength levels for individualized application.”
“An easy-to-use tool to work on RTC strengthening and truly isolate each muscle. NuShoulder® is very helpful, as a PT, to have a tool to use that will work on RTC strengthening while eliminating any compensations. Would highly recommend.”
“As a physical therapist I’m always looking for simple, effective ways to treat my patients. And the NuShoulder® is exactly that. This machine is very simple and easy to use but most importantly it eliminates the typical compensations of patients with weakness in their shoulder and as a result very effectively activates the rotator cuff muscles. A simple, targeted, and effective machine to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.”
Jon N


“The NuShoulder® has been a great addition to our clinic, the patients have had great success with it. It is also super user friendly so patients can exercise with it independently.”
“Working in heavy construction I need to be at my strongest. After shoulder surgery, NuShoulder® was essential in helping my shoulder get back to the strength I needed to return back to work safely.”
“After surgery on both shoulders, NuShoulder® got both shoulders stronger and pain free so I could return to my job working on military aircraft.”
“Rehab doesn’t end at the end of physical therapy. Patients benefit the most long-term when they continue with a home exercise program. NuShoulder® ensures the proper completion of these home exercises, without the watchful eye of a trained therapist.”
“Utilizing NuShoulder® this coming season will be a great way for our players to build and sustain strength with specialized training.”
“NuShoulder® has become an integral part in not only my rotator cuff rehab but also correcting instability and strengthening for prevention and performance enhancement. We have never had anything this efficient and easy to work with.”