Maximize the health, endurance, and performance of your players with NuShoulder® .

The Problem:

Shoulder and elbow injuries are the most prevalent and consequential injuries to pitchers. The repetitive, high-velocity nature of the throwing motion places enormous strain on the shoulder and elbow joints. Labral tears, elbow and rotator cuff tendinitis are the most common pitching injuries. These injuries exist because proper rotator cuff training is technically difficult and time consuming, which leads to extremely low compliance rates and far less than optimal results from shoulder training.

The Impact:

Shoulder injuries require, on average, between 3-6 months of recovery time that includes physical therapy, rest, and gradual progression toward full movement. Injuries requiring surgical intervention generally take 6-12 months before the athlete is able to return to full sports activities, often at a level far below their pre-injury status.

The Solution:

A strong rotator cuff plays a critical role in preventing injury and maximizing performance. The patented NuShoulder® System isolates the rotator cuff muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint while ensuring proper form during each of the five movements. All exercises are performed from a seated platform for quick, easy, targeted rotator cuff training for the prevention of injuries and faster recovery from surgery.

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