The safest, quickest, most effective rotator cuff training in the market.
Dr. Tom House
Dr. Tom HouseFounder of the National Pitching Association & 3DQB
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“NuShoulder® is the next generation technology for shoulder health assessment and performance screening, testing and training. It is the only shoulder machine I recommend to athletes of any age at any level of competition.”
Ben Hebert
Ben HebertDirector of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Michigan Football Program
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“Utilizing NuShoulder® this coming season will be a great way for our players to build and sustain strength with specialized training.”
Mac Jones
Mac JonesQuarterback for the New England Patriots
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"I have been using the NuShoulder System all off season, I threw 120 passes yesterday in practice and my arm isn't even sore. I am throwing the best I have in years!"


NuShoulder® is endorsed by some of the highest-performing professional and collegiate athletes and programs.
“Remember that you are only as strong as your weakest link and a weak rotator cuff results in an unbalanced shoulder that leads to injury.”
Dr. Ken Cervone


A sit down chat with the future Hall of Fame Quarterback

We are not just a machine,

we are a system.

We help athletes enjoy better, longer careers

Shoulder injuries are one of the most prevalent and consequential injuries affecting athletes from pitchers to archery and nearly every sport in between.

Our system maximizes shoulder health by ensuring proper technique, measuring strength and identifying muscle deficiencies.

We’ve perfected proper rotator cuff strength training, making it less technically difficult and time consuming and more effective at preventing rotator cuff injuries, rehabbing faster and maximizing performance.

Isolate and strengthen the four rotator cuff muscles

Scientifically engineered to isolate and strengthen the four rotator cuff muscles without the unwanted recruitment of larger muscle groups.

Shoulder injuries are one of the most prevalent and consequential injuries for athletes.

Select your athlete type below for specific context and positional modalities. 


One user-friendly machine allows quick, accurate, isotonic training of the entire rotator cuff while measuring your strength and tracking your data.
Yes. NuShoulder® was designed to help improve the quality of life for those involved in the sphere of shoulder health, whether you are a patient, provider, practitioner, coach or athlete, we are here for you. In addition, NuShoulder® is an inclusive system that strives to help all forms of shoulder-dependent athletes. From budding baseball players to experienced line-backers, from archery experts to wheel-chair champions, NuShoulder® can benefit your journey.

There is nothing on the market that ensures proper training of the four rotator cuff muscles in one personally adaptive machine. Bands and weights do not isolate the muscles with isotonic resistance nor do they measure strength and track data.

You can expect less pain, fewer injuries and better, more enjoyable performances.
Any sport that requires a strong upper body would benefit from using the NuShoulder® System. However, NuShoulder® is especially well suited for overhead and rotational athletes such as baseball, football, golf, swimming, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, cricket, and the olympic and paralympic sports.
Yes. The NuShoulder™ System’s built-in dynamometer and ShoulderConnect™ platform will measure and track your progress with real numbers. This data can then be analyzed to identify strength deficiencies, modify training protocols and compare results with your peer group.